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This page is about the CSS Working Group.

For general information about CSS, see the CSS Home Page.

For the group's meeting schedule, see the internal page [member-only link].


The CSS working group discusses all technical matters on a public mailing list, [email protected] See “If you want to help” for more about that list.

The current draft CSS specifications are listed and explained on the “current work” page. In March 2008, the group started using Tracker to keep lists of issues, actions and group members. See also the working group's charter (version 2016–2019).

The group also maintains a blog…

… and if you want to know what it is like to be a member, read Fantasai's “about:csswg.”


The following is the complete list of members & W3C member organizations that participate in the CSS working group. (See “How to become a W3C member” and the Participation FAQ for information on joining W3C as a member.)

Name Affiliation
Said Abou-Hallawa Apple, Inc.
Glenn Adams Skynav, Inc.
Rakina Amni Google, Inc.
Rachel Andrew Fronteers
Adam Argyle Google, Inc.
Rossen Atanassov Microsoft Corporation
Tab Atkins Jr. Google, Inc.
Takao Baba Beyond Perspective Solutions ltd
Mihail-Alexandru Balan Adobe
David Baron Mozilla Foundation
Daniel Bates Apple, Inc.
Amelia Bellamy-Royds W3C Invited Experts
Garrett Berg Airbnb Inc
Christian Biesinger Google, Inc.
Brian Birtles W3C Invited Experts
Bert Bos W3C Staff
Oriol Brufau Igalia
Rick Byers Google, Inc.
Henricus Cabanier Magic Leap, Inc.
Bo Campbell IBM Corporation
Tantek ?elik Mozilla Foundation
cathie chen Tencent
cathie chen Igalia
Junichi Chiba Beyond Perspective Solutions ltd
Emilio Cobos álvarez Mozilla Foundation
Dave Cramer Hachette Livre
Phil Cupp Microsoft Corporation
John Daggett W3C Invited Experts
Beth Dakin Apple, Inc.
Fergal Daly Google, Inc.
Alex Danilo Google, Inc.
Greg Davis Pearson plc
Benjamin De Cock Stripe
smallni ding Tencent
Shwetank Dixit eyeo GmbH
Tim Dresser Google, Inc.
Emil Eklund Google, Inc.
Kevin Ellis Google, Inc.
Elika Etemad W3C Invited Experts
Javier Fernandez Igalia
Reinaldo Ferraz - Brazilian Network Information Center
Robert Flack Google, Inc.
Simon Fraser Apple, Inc.
Brent Fulgham Apple, Inc.
Daniel Glazman Disruptive Innovations
Aryeh Gregor Mozilla Foundation
Soonbo Han LG Electronics
Shouichi Harayama Beyond Perspective Solutions ltd
Chris Harrelson Google, Inc.
Jihye Hong LG Electronics
Dongwoo Joshua Im Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Richard Ishida W3C Staff
Koji Ishii Google, Inc.
Kunio Ito Rakuten, Inc.
Dael Jackson W3C Invited Experts
Dean Jackson Apple, Inc.
Sanket Joshi Microsoft Corporation
troy kang Tencent
Brian Kardell JS Foundation
Brad Kemper W3C Invited Experts
Ian Kilpatrick Google, Inc.
Tomoya Kimura Voyager Japan, Inc.
Jirka Kosek W3C Invited Experts
Una Kravets Google, Inc.
Philippe Le Hégaret W3C Staff
WonSuk Lee Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Pierre-Anthony Lemieux MovieLabs
Vladimir Levantovsky Monotype
lin li China Mobile Communications Corporation
Twinsen Liang Tencent
Rune Lillesveen Google, Inc.
Chris Lilley W3C Staff
Peter Linss W3C Invited Experts
Guanyu Liu 360
Luke Macpherson Google, Inc.
Stanton Marcum Amazon
Daniel Marques WIRIS Science
Myles Maxfield Apple, Inc.
Cameron McCormack Mozilla Foundation
Stephen McGruer Google, Inc.
Nigel Megitt British Broadcasting Corporation
Thierry Michel W3C Staff
Eric Muller Amazon
Masayuki Nakano Mozilla Foundation
Giorgio Natili Amazon
Ryosuke Niwa Apple, Inc.
Theresa O'Connor Apple, Inc.
David O'Dey Pearson plc
Simon Pieters Bocoup
Benjamin Poulain Apple, Inc.
Ian Pouncey The Paciello Group, LLC
Deblyn prado - Brazilian Network Information Center
Anton Prowse W3C Invited Experts
Antoine Quint Apple, Inc.
Naina Raisinghani Google, Inc.
Kai Recke eyeo GmbH
Manuel Rego Casasnovas Igalia
Fran?ois Remy W3C Invited Experts
Melanie Richards Microsoft Corporation
Florian Rivoal W3C Invited Experts
Philip Rogers Google, Inc.
Devin Rousso Apple, Inc.
Kenneth Russell Google, Inc.
Anders Hartvoll Ruud Google, Inc.
Hiroshi Sakakibara Beyond Perspective Solutions ltd
Simon Sapin Mozilla Foundation
Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício - Brazilian Network Information Center
Christopher Schmitt Knowbility
Dirk Schulze Adobe
Jen Simmons Mozilla Foundation
David Singer Apple, Inc.
Sam Sneddon W3C Invited Experts
Hyojin Song LG Electronics
Markus Stange Mozilla Foundation
Alan Stearns Adobe
Shane Stephens Google, Inc.
Surma Surma Google, Inc.
Gérard Talbot W3C Invited Experts
Aleks Totic Google, Inc.
Alan Turransky IAB Technology Laboratory, Inc.
Majid Valipour Google, Inc.
Lea Verou W3C Invited Experts
Sergio Villar Senin Igalia
Sean Voisen Mozilla Foundation
Ian Vollick Google, Inc.
Philip Walton Google, Inc.
Masaki Watanabe Beyond Perspective Solutions ltd
Greg Whitworth Microsoft Corporation
Eric Willigers Google, Inc.
Chris Wilson Google, Inc.
Matt Woodrow Mozilla Foundation
yaohua wu China Mobile Communications Corporation
Jeff Xu Rakuten, Inc.
Fuqiao Xue W3C Staff
Kazutaka Yamamoto Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTT)
文力 何 360
佳 安 360
Bert Bos, style activity lead
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